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You Want To See God Work? Ask Him.

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

By: Chris King

Hello. I want you to think for a minute about how you came to know about Evany. Perhaps you have a long relationship with Evany. Maybe you have friends who volunteer and heard about the work from them. However you came to be a part of this work I believe the vast majority of us have something important in common. We were asked to be a part. Somebody explained to us what Evany is, why it matters, and that our participation is needed and wanted. When I think about why I have been a part of the board at Evany the simplest answer is that I was asked. God’s call to this work came through Pati Colston. Pati was a co-founder and the first director. She explained what the center did, how important the mission was, and then she made it clear that I was needed and wanted. By the time she was done I was certain of my responsibility to answer the call. I am grateful to Pati and to God for the privilege of participating in this work in whatever capacity I’m able.

It’s a wonderful thing to be asked. Think about how it feels to be asked to participate in something important. God, in his infinite love and mercy gives grace to the humble, wisdom to the struggling, strength to the weary and provision to those in need. It is a constant theme throughout the Bible that all of these things come to those who ask. The all powerful God gives all; but reminds us in His word that we often do not receive because we do not ask. Prayer is a requirement of all of us who would follow Christ, but it is so much more. Prayer is an acknowledgment of our dependence on God. It is a reminder of the power He has. It is a conduit in our relationship that brings that power in mighty ways into us who follow him and are filled with his spirit. Prayer is the work of this ministry. It is central to all that we hope to accomplish. God has blessed Evany Clinic greatly. But he tells us he can and will do more than we ask or imagine. What he desires is that we ask and imagine. So I’m asking you to pray. Pray for Evany. Pray for this board. Pray for the women and men we serve. Pray for those who meet them where they are. Pray that God will change hearts, minds, actions, and outcomes.

You want to see God work? Ask him.

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