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My Mom Told Me Life Was A Gift.

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Hello Friends.

I would like to start off by saying thank you to our board members, our volunteers and donors for the continued support of Evany Clinic. We have had a successful year with much growth. Three hundred clients were served this year with pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, counseling, STI testing, and parenting classes. We also offer hope and healing through our post-abortion counseling.

If anyone had told me four years ago, I would be working at a pregnancy clinic I would have said “no way.” I have always worked in ministry with young kids and honestly was a bit scared and uneducated when it came to young girls. You see, I was the news my mom did not want, timing was wrong, she had one child being raised by her parents, was recently divorced, no home, no job, no support. This is the same story I hear weekly at the clinic. Abortion was an option for my mom, but thankfully she did not close the book on my life; instead she chose to give life and to give the gift of a child to another family through adoption.

Did you know in 2017 there were a total of 4722 abortions in the state of Oklahoma? Four thousand seven hundred and twenty-two lives that were not given a chance to live their story. I asked my mom recently why she chose life for me. She responded with these words that hold a special place in my heart. “Licia, you were a gift sent by God, I just wasn’t the one at the time to receive, instead I was the one to give and with that gift, you are a mother to four beautiful kids, a Nina, a sister, and a wife.

God placed me in this position to be able to give back to others and to help the young ladies and men we serve to choose life.

This year we had the opportunity to reach outside of the clinic walls to help young ladies that are incarcerated with the state of Oklahoma and ladies that are in the Texas foster care system. Weekly, we go in to the facilities here in Mustang and teach twenty-five girls about sexual health and healthy relationships. The ages of these girls range from twelve to eighteen years old; all have had extreme trauma in their lives. They don’t know what normal is; they haven’t experienced a family’s love, they are lost and hurting. I have seen much progress in the girls, how they are responding, and how they are learning to trust others and love themselves again. In the last year, twelve girls have asked Jesus into their hearts. Our goal for the girls is to develop a relationship with Christ, love themselves, and make better choices.

Another way Evany has reached out to the community is through Mustang High School. Our nurse and I go in and speak to over three hundred fifty kids about their sexual health and making better choices.

This last year we have seen an increase in the number of kids between the ages of fourteen and seventeen coming into the clinic. Some come for testing and some just to ask questions and to get educated. This is a win because if our kids are educated on their sexual health, they will be able to make better decisions for themselves, which I believe will reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies.

We never know when a crisis will walk through our doors or when the phone will ring, with someone needing help. I have asked myself what would have happened if google search had not given our client's Evany clinic. What if no one was there to answer the phone? It is vital that we continue to advertise, answer the phone lines, have the clinic open, and be ready.

It takes money to minister to women in crises. Pregnancy tests, STD tests, ultrasounds, equipment, and counseling materials are just a few things the clinic provides that come with a cost. Giving is a significant way to partner with the clinic.

After all, without the generous contributions of donors, our clinic wouldn’t be able to continue the incredible ministries at the high schools and two treatment centers here in Mustang, in addition to the clinic itself.

My mom told me Life is a Gift, and she was right. Life is precious, Life is priceless, Life is a Gift from God.

I ask that you take a minute and ask yourself how you can help partner with Evany Clinic to save the lives of the unborn and to help the young men, women, and youth in our community. Thank you for your support, we appreciate each and every one of you.

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