Give To Evany


Saving unborn babies and helping women choose LIFE can start with YOU!  There are several ways to give a generous gift.  Donations of any size make an important impact at Evany Clinic to help us bring LIFE to Oklahoma!

$1200 Save A Baby


Save a baby? Yes! It costs an average of $1200 for Evany Clinic to reach a client who is considering abortion and provide all of the services she needs to choose LIFE. How many babies can you or your group help SAVE this year?

$100 Educate A New Mom


Support the women (and men!) who CHOOSE LIFE by providing the resources, parent education, curriculum, and supplies needed to help them prepare for a healthy and Christ-centered journey into parenthood.

$20 Provide Pregnancy Test


Before we can provide an ultrasound, the first step is to verify a client is pregnant. This is a very important step, and the first touch we have in an abortion-minded woman's life. Help provide this opportunity to minister truth and LIFE!

$600 Month of Ultrasounds


When abortion-minded women SEE their baby on an ultrasound monitor, over 80% will choose LIFE! Fund a month of ultrasounds to allow each of these women to see and hear the life growing inside of her!

$50 Help Women Find Us


When they are looking for an abortion clinic, help them find Evany Clinic instead! Support a marketing campaign that helps at-risk women find us first. $50 will help provide an ad or search result that points them to LIFE!

Any Amount You Choose


Make an impact that will SAVE and CHANGE lives with ANY SIZE donation! No gift is too big or too small to help Evany Clinic minister to women and men in our community.  Your generous gift will help save a life!