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How will Evany use my donation?  |  How do I know Evany will use my donation wisely?

I'm Pro-Choice, why should I support Evany?  |  How is Evany different?

Isn't abortion a political issue? 



  • Your financial donation assists in covering the cost of our facility, utility bills, medical supplies, the salary for our Executive Director and Nurse Manager, and the materials for our educational programs and client services.



  • Evany Clinic is committed to financial transparency to our donors and other key stakeholders.  Please contact us for a copy of our latest 990 or other financial or organizational document.

  • Evany abides by a Donor Bill of Rights to communicate our commitment to being good stewards of your gifts to our ministry. You can read it here.

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  • It is equally sensible and logical for both pro-life and pro-choice people to support the work of Evany Clinic and pregnancy centers.

  • The core of the pro-choice belief is that women should have the ability to exercise their free choice about what they do with their own pregnancies. In accordance, Evany believes that no woman should ever feel forced into an abortion because she feels like she has no choice. So, once a choice has been made by a pregnant woman, a pro-choice person should be equally supportive of whichever choice she made for herself. That of course implies that if a woman chooses to keep her baby, then pro-choice people are just as obligated to support her in her decision as pro-life people are. 

  • What Evany Clinic does is make sure that women have all the information they need in order to make fully informed choices about their pregnancies. Abortion clinics on the other hand, are only providing services to support the abortion choice. Abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood clinics provide little to no support to women who choose life. For example, Planned Parenthood provided 323,999 abortions in 2015, but provided adoption support only 2,024 times.

  • When women are fully equipped to make their choice, they are satisfied with the care they receive. Ninety-seven percent of surveyed clients are satisfied with the care and help they received at a pregnancy center. This satisfaction rating is higher than that of either Netflix or the iPhone!

  • So, if a pro-choice person is interested in supporting women who freely choose life, then pregnancy centers and organizations like Evany Clinic are a natural place for them to lend their support.

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Evany is different in two ways:

  • Advocacy versus care: Generally speaking, there are two kinds of pro-life organizations: those involved in compassionate advocacy and those involved in compassionate care. Advocacy organizations are primarily involved in influencing the life issue through public policy, legislative advocacy, and legal advocacy. Care organizations, like Evany, are primarily involved in influencing the life issue through ministering to women and men considering abortion and giving them the compassion, hope, and help they need to choose life. Evany Clinic is providing compassionate care -- without judgment  -- to hundreds women and men every year.

  • Pro-life versus Pro Abundant Life: Evany is also unique in its approach to providing comprehensive care to women and men considering abortion. This approach is summarized by our Pro Abundant Life stance, in which we work not only to save the lives of unborn children, but to also ensure that they have “abundant life” by building strong families through healthy marriages, responsible fatherhood, and the sharing of the gospel. This expanded focus is unique even among faith-based, pro-life organizations.

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  • It is more accurate to say that abortion has become politicized to the advantage of those who want to maintain the status quo of relatively unfettered access to abortion in the United States. It is a tactic to silence any debate or discussion on abortion.

  • Certainly, every issue has a political aspect to it, but too many people (including, notably, church pastors) have become afraid to speak out against abortion because of their fear that it is “political,” and therefore a topic to be avoided. But there are other dimensions to abortion that we should weigh more than its political dimension.  For example, abortion is medical; and it is a medical procedure that involves documented risks. It would not be appropriate to consider heart surgery “political” and therefore off limits to discussion or debate. We should think of abortion in a similar way.

  • Abortion is also a moral issue. The dictionary defines morality as “a particular system of values and principles of conduct, especially one held by a specified person or society.” Certainly making a choice about whether or not to terminate a pregnancy would be covered under such a definition, especially as science continues to affirm the humanity of the unborn [eg, the fetus has a heartbeat as early as 22 days -- perhaps as early as 16 days -- after the pregnant woman’s last menstrual period (LMP)].

  • So, if you have been silenced by someone who has told you that abortion is a political issue or if you have silenced someone using this argument, then consider these other aspects of abortion that warrant a continued dialogue about this critical topic – a dialogue that considers the medical and moral aspects of abortion.

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