Saving & Changing Lives

Women who find themselves in an unexpected pregnancy are facing one of the hardest decisions

of their lives. Any choice they make will be life altering. Guilt, judgement, and blame do not help

them make the right decision. What these women need is truth delivered with love

and compassion, and to know they are not alone.

At Evany Clinic, we strive to deliver these things each day along with the

beautiful grace and love of Jesus Christ.  YOU can help TODAY!

Baby's Hand

Ways To Give

One-time, occasional, monthly, all gifts are welcome! Give by credit card, check, cash, set up a recurring electronic donation from your bank, or join our Evany Allies Program!


How To Volunteer

Take your fight against abortion to a new level, and help us show Christ to our community.  Come volunteer with Evany. The job is big, there is a lot to do, and we need YOU.


Abortion Is Local

1 in 3 women in the US experience abortion.  In Oklahoma alone,12 babies EACH DAY are being lost before they take their first breath. YOU can help change those statistics.